Homeschool Program

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Homeschool Adventures at Hard Bargain Farm Environmental Center 2016 – 2017


Join us at Hard Bargain Farm for a day of learning and reflection–not to mention getting dirty and having fun!

2016 – 2017 Home School Program – October 14, January 20th, Feb 17 (snow date), May 19th.

This year Hard Bargain Adventure for homeschool families will be new and exciting, we have developed a program to mold the creative thinking in our adventure called: Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. Classes will be divided in half to better target the education of our younger and older participants. Each adventure this year will have a specific theme that will have a targeted approach for 5-9 year old learners and 10-14 learners. In the fall the learners will hike around the property determining the drinkability of our streams, creeks, and rivers. As the temperature drops our learners will find out what it takes to survive in our woods without modern technology. When the temperature begins to creep back up we will head out to our garden. Learners will get their hands dirty in attempts to grow not only plants, but also their minds.
Hard Bargain Farm Homeschool Adventures:  REGISTER HERE

Registration includes three visits to Hard Bargain Farm. There is a minimum of ten students required to fill this program. Registration is for all three classes, NO individual classes are offered. Classes are held from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The age group is from 5 through 12 years old.

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Download the 2016 Homeschool Permission Form and forward to Brenda Wright at the email address below.

For questions, contact Program Coordinator Brenda Wright at or (cell)  240.210.4559.